I often say that my work can speak for itself but let me give you a bit of insight into how it came about. Human emotion is hard enough to feel at times and even harder to express in the “correct” way. At an early age (cliché but true), I found that poetry helped me express my fears, triumphs, boredom, and all the other feelings I couldn’t correctly express to others without getting in trouble. Writing those feelings as poems, as pieces of my soul, helped me get it out and get through whatever it was. On the other hand, reading poetry began to show me how to comprehend what was going on inside my head. With all that I write, I hope to express my past and my hopes for the future while quite possibly educating others on their own thoughts and memories.

Currently, I have published work in four anthologies by Z Publishing, in Not Very Quiet’s fourth and sixth issues, Underwood Press’s Black Works’ second issue, and Riza Press’s online showcase titled “Project Healthy Love”. Most recently, my poems are featured in Sonder Midwest Magazine’s Fifth Issue, Rue Scribe’s online journal, and Volume Three of Fearsome Critters. Lastly, I’ve won various social media poem prompts on Instagram by accounts run by Pen & Pendulum, Riza Press, and more. Check out my published works page to find links to all of my publications!